Employer Payments

Payments with Ohio SMART e-Pay

NEW – On December 4, 2019, the employer e-Pay website was updated to allow employers the option to create an ACH Credit file in the CTX format. Previously, employers could only generate the file in the CCD+ format.  The CCD+ format contains a 6 and 7 record for each payment remitted by an employer.  The CTX format allows for multiple 7 records with one 6 record.  The CTX format may be more cost effective for employers whose banks charge for each 6 record.

Ohio Child Support Payment Central (CSPC) offers a web-based services at no charge, for employers to electronically remit child support withholdings.   All employers are encouraged to remit electronically, regardless of size.  However, Ohio law requires child support payments be remitted electronically for employers with 50 or more employees and are remitting child support for at least one employee.

SMART e-Pay offers the following options for employers to electronically remit child support payments.

For employers who prefer remitting child support withholdings via ACH credit (EFT/EDI), SMART e-Pay includes a downloadable Employer Reconciliation Sheet to provide employee’s identifying information against the State’s child support system.  Thereby, ensuring correct information is transmitted on the ACH credit file.  Once you have reconciled, you will receive routing and account information to provide to your bank or payroll company so they can transmit an ACH credit file on your behalf.

SMART e-Pay also has the option to create an ACH credit file that you can provide to your bank for transmission.

For employers who would rather remit their child support withholdings via ACH debit (bank draft), SMART e-Pay provides the option to authorize a debit for their child support withholdings to the Ohio CSPC.

Again, there is no charge for using any SMART e-Pay service.

Please note:  if you currently make payments through the ExpertPay website and continue to do so, a $1.50 fee may be imposed on each payment.  For example, if you submit weekly payments for 5 employees and they each have one payment you would pay $1.50 X 5 or $7.50.

For further information, or to register for this service please visit https://oh.smartchildsupport.com.

Payments by Mail

If a company employs less than 50 employees, support payments can be mailed to Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC), P.O. Box 182394, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2394.  Please send all child support payments via standard U.S. Mail.  Do not mail checks to Clermont County Child Support.

If your bank does not honor your check, the bank account will be flagged and no future checks will be accepted.

Please do not issue Stop Payment on any payment issued to Ohio Child Support Payment Central.  If you have issues with a payment that you have already mailed you should contact Ohio Child Support Payment Central at 888-965-2676.

Information that must be included with Payments

To ensure prompt and accurate posting of remitted payments, please include two of the following identifiers: Payor’s name, Social Security number or SETS Case Number (10 digit number that begins with a 7).  If you are remitting payments for multiple cases for the same payor you must identify the amount that should be applied to each case.