Tax Offset FAQ’s

Tax Offset Program for Clients

Q: Am I submitted?

A: Weekly submissions are done for federal offset.  For state submission the obligor is submitted once a year in September for the next year.

Q: How long after my taxes are filed or after I received my letter from the IRS that you receive my taxes?

A: 6 to 8 weeks

Q: My case is paid in full, can I file my taxes:

A: After the case is paid in full, contact the CSEA and see when the removal from the offset program occurred.  The obligor should wait 4 weeks from the date of being deleted from the offset program before filing taxes.

Q: When will I be deleted?

A: For federal offset after the arrears are below $500.00 (unassigned arrears) $150.00 (assigned arrears).  For state offset after the balance is zero.

Q: Who claims the child?

A: This could possibly be in the court order, or contact IRS 1-800-829-1040

Q: I did not work, why are you taking my spouses refund?

A: The current spouse should file an Injured Spouse Claim (form 8379). This should be done with the tax preparer when filing your taxes – the current spouse has up to 6 years to file the claim for federal return.  You have 21 days from the day you file your return to file an injured spouse claim for a state return.

Q: I have multiple child support cases with balances.  How do you determine how much gets paid to each case?

A: The collection is pro-rated to all cases/orders submitted based on percentage of total assigned arrears FIRST, then total unassigned arrears.

Q: Is Child Support income taxable?

A: No, but spousal support is.