The Importance of Paternity

Paternity is a legal determination between the natural father and a child.  When parents are not married at the time a child is born, the child does not have a legal father until paternity is established.  Establishing paternity is very important and can provide your child with financial support, as well as the many other types of support a father can provide, such as emotional support.

Paternity can be established in a few different ways, but the easiest way is by completing an Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit.  (Job and Family Services’ form number JFS 7038) Although completing the affidavit is voluntary, it will establish the legal father of the child of unmarried parents.  Only parents who are sure of the identity of the natural father should sign this document.  If you are unsure, you can request services from your local child support agency and genetic tests can be performed at no cost to you.

The affidavit (JFS 7038) can be obtained in the hospital when your baby is born, at your local Health Department after the baby is born, or at your local CSEA.  If you live in Clermont County you can come to our office at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Suite 107, Batavia, Ohio 45103, to obtain the form or to receive other services which could include the establishment of a child support order.

For more questions regarding the establishment of paternity, either at the hospital or at the CSEA, please follow the links below.

Ohio Paternity Establishment